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Laundry Detergent Samples


Not ready to commit to a 40 fl oz bottle or you don't know exactly what product fits your lifestyle or just need to send a gift to a friend or a loved one.Try our 8-pack sample kit and find out what scent you like. The sample kit comes with eight 2 fl oz bottles that can each do anywhere from 2 to 8 loads each (64 loads) depending on your soil levels, load size and type of clothes. We promise that you will find your style and preference in one of these products. This package contains 8 two ounce bottles of Clear & Powerful, Royal Linen, Cotton Fresh, Bold Man, Mambo Man, Suit Up, Dainty fresh for Babies and Dainty Fresh for Pets.


  • 5X Ultra Concentrated Products
  • Biodegradable using sugar-based surfactants
  • Safe on all fabrics, colors & whites
  • Free of dyes, optical brighteners, phosphates and dioxane
  • Delivers a long-lasting scent and eliminates body odors
  • To achieve a long-lasting scent there is no need for
    • Scent boosters
    • Fabric softeners
    • Dryer sheets
  • Specially packaged in a 40 fl oz bottle for easy storage & handling
  • Designed for hand wash, standard and high efficiency machines
  • Enhanced energy and water efficiency with cold water washing
  • Helps in softening fabrics and reduce wrinkles
  • Safe to use with chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach 
  • Dainty Fresh for Pets works effectively to remove animal odors and heavy soils from washable garments and textiles 
  • Dainty Fresh for Babies works perfectly on milk spills, spit-up stains and even poop smears


Follow apparel care instructions. For tough stains pretreat by pouring the Mambo Man liquid laundry detergent directly onto fabric, rub gently and soak for  1 hour or overnight if necessary. Use Dispenser for HE washers. For Standard washers, start washer, add detergent to water, then add clothes.

Based on our testing, the following dosages will guide you to determine the correct amount needed per load. Customers are free to try more or less of the recommended amounts to fit their lifestyle.

Washing Type

Small & Medium Loads

Heavy Soiled Loads

Fill Line

High Efficiency Machine (HE)

0.75 fl oz

1.5 fl oz

1 (0.4 fl oz)/ 2 (0.75 fl oz)

Regular Machine

1.5 fl oz

2 fl oz

3 (1 fl oz) / 4 (1.5 fl oz)

Hand Wash

2 fl oz

3 fl oz

Brimful (1.8 fl oz)




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Hiketron Laundry Detergent Samples Review
I recommend this product

Worth the money

Very good option for people on the fence about different scents. I’m an impulse shopper so this is the best choice for me to figure out what I wanted.

Carmen R.
United States United States

Hi Carmen, Thank you for sharing your feedback and posting the picture. Looks great. We noticed a 4 stars instead of 5? Do you mind sharing what prevented you from a 5 Star experience?

I recommend this product

I finally found an effective, healthier detergent!

Great. Kids and my husband are all enjoying having clothes that smell nice while not making us break out with hives.

Abby L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Scents That Last

I’ve been trying the various detergents on my various laundry products. I’m amazed at how well the scent remains after the wash and drying. I’ve been using another product that had a great scent, but recently it seems like they’ve Re formulated and the scent isn’t as strong as it once was. I decided to try the sampler to see if there was one scent that stood out over the others. All the scents have been very pleasant and I’m surprised at how little detergent is needed. I’m sure to purchase a large bottle or two once I finish the sample pack. I would definitely recommend that anyone looking for a change from the typical flowery scents give it a try.

Joe J.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great soap!

I love the scents! The soap cleans amazing!! I only use the soap; I’ve used no extra products, no fabric softener, no dryer sheets and my clothes come out smelling great and as soft as ever!

Chelsi R.
United States United States

Hello Chelsi, This makes our day to see new customers experiencing the benifits of our hard work. Enjoy it

I recommend this product

You are Under-Marketing Your Product

This stuff is amazing. BUT, you are under-marketing it. I use it for more than just laundry. I use it for general, all-purpose cleaning. It works, it cleans, and it smells amazing! Your new Energize is the ticket. I've got it in spray bottles....under the kitchen sink, in the bathrooms. It's great for a quick wipe-up.

Beth W.
United States United States

Hello Beth, Thank you very much for your feedback, we are certainly working on new products and your input is most valuable. Enjoy the natural scent and detergent Please share some pictures here if you have some