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Q1: Is this safe to use in HE washers?

A1: All Hiketron laundry detergent are effective to use in both standard and HE machines.

Q2: What are the ingredients?

A2: You can find the ingredients for all Hiketron laundry detergent in the product label or on our website by clicking on each product pictures.

Q:3 Why are Hiketron laundry Detergents cost more than regular Laundry Detergents?

A1: Our product is the tesla of laundry detergents

  • Most regular laundry detergents are 1X which accounts to about 80 to 90% water. Usually you will have to use 4 Oz per load and usually they don’t clean well.
  • In addition, most diluted products are made with harmful chemicals that damage your fabrics and your health and safety.
  • Hiketron’s laundry detergents are made with sugar-based surfactants that are 96% biodegradable and very mild on the skin while cleaning extraordinary well.
  • Our products contain 4 in one replacing your laundry detergent, softener, scent booster, dryer sheet in one powerful ultra-concentrated bottle.

Q4: What sets Hiketron’s laundry detergents apart from the competition?

A4: Our laundry is different for the following characteristics

  • 5X Ultra Concentrated products
  • Biodegradable using sugar-based surfactants
  • Safe on all fabrics, colors & whites
  • Free of dyes, optical brighteners, phosphates and dioxane
  • Delivers a long-lasting scent and eliminates body odors
  • To achieve a long-lasting scent there is no need for scent boosters, dryer sheets and softeners 
  • Specially packaged in a 40 FL Oz bottle for easy storage & handling
  • Contains a super blend of bio-enzymes to remove tough stains and soften fabrics
  • Designed for hand wash, standard and high efficiency machines
  • Enhanced energy and water efficiency with cold water washing
  • Helps in softening fabrics and reduce wrinkles

Q5: Why is Shipping free?

A5: All Hiketron’s products are shipped for free based on ups standard zoning map. We want our customers to have a hassle-free experience dealing with us. Please check our Shipping & Returns policy here.

Q6. Is my payment information safe?

A6: Hiketron uses multiple encryption methods and services to make sure all our customer information is protected.

  • Hiketron uses to process payments and we are an approved Paymentech and merchant. All Hiketron’s payment information are stored at not on our website.
  • We also use PayPal, QuickBooks and apple pay to accept payments and make it easy on customers.
  • Our website has a security certificate and monitored for intrusions. Please check our Privacy policy.

Q7. My new HE washer uses considerably less water than my agitator washer. Should I use less of the Hiketron detergent?

A7. Yes — you should use less detergent in HE washers then your regular detergent. In addition, our detergents are ultra-concentrated, so you use even less than your regular detergent. Just as with a traditional agitator washer, you will need to use the recommended amount of HE detergent in an HE washer, based on the size and soil level of your load. If you’re washing large or heavily-soiled loads, then you may need to add additional HE detergent. The amount of detergent needed for the best cleaning performance depends on the size and soil level of the laundry load, not on the amount of water the HE washing machine uses.

Here is our recommended use for all our Laundry Detergents

Washing Type

Small & Medium Loads

Heavy Soiled Loads

Fill Line

High Efficiency Machine (HE)

3/4 Oz

1.5 Oz

1 (0.375 Oz)/ 2 (0.75 OZ)

Regular Machine

1.5 Oz

2 Oz

3 (1 Oz) / 4 (1.5 Oz)

Hand Wash

2 Oz

3 Oz

Brimful (1.8 Oz)


Q8. Will I need to use less HE detergent if I wash a small load?

A8. Yes. Just as with a regular detergent, HE detergent use recommendations are based on “typical” wash conditions. Follow the instructions on the detergent package and adjust the detergent amount for conditions that are not typical. For example:

  • Use less detergent for small loads, lighter soiling or soft water.
  • Use more detergent for large loads, heavily-soiled laundry, or hard water.

Q9. What can I do to keep my HE washer in top condition?

A9. Because your HE washer is designed differently than agitator (high water level) machines, there are some specific things you can do to ensure that it performs at its best. Low wash temperatures and/or use of regular detergent (which causes excess suds) may prevent some soils from completely rinsing out of the HE washing machines. Oily soils and some dirt-type soils are especially sensitive to lower wash temperatures and medium to high suds levels. Over time, these soils may accumulate in the HE washer and lead to the growth of bacteria and mold and create odors in the HE washer. You can usually avoid these potential problems by using an HE detergent and by running a regular “maintenance cycle.” (See next question.) Contact your washing machine’s manufacturer if you have a problem with soil buildup and/or unpleasant odors.

Q10. What is a “maintenance cycle”?

A10. A “maintenance cycle” involves running a full wash cycle without any laundry in the machine. Washing machine manufacturers recommend that you may need to perform this periodic machine maintenance once per week — or at minimum, once a month — to ensure that your HE washer remains clean and free from any soil buildups.

Some HE washers are equipped with a special cycle. Check the use and care guide to see if your machine has one. If it does, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

 If your HE washer doesn’t have an automated maintenance cycle, you may perform this function manually.

Q11. How do I run a “Manual Maintenance Cycle”?

A11. Follow these steps if your HE washer does not offer a specific “maintenance” cycle.

  • Select the hot water setting. If there is no hot water setting, then select a “white” or a “stain” cycle setting. (Note: do not put laundry in the washer.)
  • Select the “extra rinse” option, if offered.
  • Add liquid chlorine bleach to the bleach dispenser. Fill to its maximum level.
  • Run the cycle through its completion.
  • If the HE washer does not have a second rinse option, manually select an additional rinse cycle to ensure that no chlorine bleach remains in your washer.
  • If your HE washer still has unpleasant odors, you may need to repeat steps 1 through 5 as necessary.

Q12: Do you have any TIPS for using Hiketron’s laundry detergents in washing machine dispensers

A12: HE Washers and Hiketron Laundry Detergents work in harmony to save energy and water, while getting your laundry as clean as possible.

  • Use the designated dispenser compartment for each laundry product – detergent, bleach, pre- wash and fabric softener.
  • Do not mix liquid and powder products in the same dispenser at the same time. This can cause “caking.”
  • Do not mix detergent and fabric softener in the same dispenser compartment, as this will add the fabric softener at the wrong time.
  • Do not overfill dispenser compartments. Overfilling may cause products to be dispensed too early.
  • Follow the washer manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the dispensers.
  • If you have questions, call the laundry product manufacturer or the washer manufacturer.

Q13: Is this safe to use with colors?

A13: All Hiketron laundry detergent are safe to use on colored clothes. Please refer to product instructions on back label.