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Hiketron Affiliates

How to Partner with Hiketron

Hiketron is unique compared to other Home Care & Personal Care retailers. We manufacture our own products and we control every step of the production so we can guarantee our claims and the quality of our ingredients. We are on a mission to enhance people's lifestyle at home and work.   

If you love our products, we want your help in spreading the word! Join our Hiketron Affiliate Program today and earn incentives when you inspire others to make the switch to our revolutionary products

Why partner with Hiketron

Competitive Incentives

  • Compelling payouts and bonuses to promote Hiketron
  • Payments on a monthly basis
  • Your own dashboard to see your performance 

Early Access

  • First look & sneak peeks at our new and exciting product launches
  • Get the opportunity to be the first influencer to launch our products   

Compelling Offers

  • Exciting gift-with-purchase offers for your followers
  • Discounts and exclusive deals tailored to your followers

Creative Marketing Content

  • Great marketing contents and unique links to share on your channels
  • Product highlights and easy to shar tips to create your content

Hiketron Support

  • Dedicated team to increase engagement with your audience

How to join our Affiliate 

Step 1: Join the affiliate program 

  • Questions? Email us:

Step 2:  Publish 

  • Whether through a blog, newsletter, website, or social channel, our affiliates use Hiketron-approved marketing guidelines to comply with our brand reputation
  •  We offer links to generate content that is fun, relevant and drives audience engagement

Step 2: Promote

  • Working with a dedicated partnership team, Hiketron affiliates team optimize offer placement and other marketing materials to help drive the highest conversion rates possible.
  • We will also listen to suggestions from our affiliates as they know their followers better than we do.

Step 3: Track & Improve 

  • Through a state-of-the-art affiliate’s platform, Affiliates will be able to track customer engagement and conversions in real-time.
  • Performance can be tracked over time by individual ads, and the team will work with Partners to improve the quality and effectiveness of the published content

Step 4: Get Paid

  • Partners earn a competitive commission for each checkout that is converted through content on a monthly basis.
  • Hiketron is one of the fastest growing & innovative companies in the US, so join us now!


Contact Information

You can contact us about our Terms of Service by writing or emailing us at the address below:

245 Koomey Rd., Brookshire, TX 77423 
Phone: 1.281.375.9175

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