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Clear & Powerful Laundry Detergent


Our 5x Clear & Powerful liquid laundry detergent formulation is crafted with biodegradable plant derived ingredients, safe synthetic polymers and 6 bio-enzymes that offer powerful cleaning, unparalleled mildness and an impressive stain fighting system.

A Limited number of laundry detergents on the market today are able to clean clothes well, however in doing so they have to use many harsh chemicals such as 1,4-dioxane., NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylate) and Phosphates just to mention a few. Unfortunately, these and other chemicals damage our environment daily. But our environment is not the only thing being impacted, studies over the years are showing that using these chemicals on our clothes over long sustained periods of time could actually be harming our bodies too.

Some illnesses such as cancer for example could be linked to the usage of certain chemicals used in our homes when washing our clothes. Some companies are trying to reduce or take away these harsh chemicals to help the environment but by doing so are reducing the effectiveness of the detergents and therefore not cleaning the clothes as well.

At Hiketron we want to protect mother nature, stay healthy and still have clean clothes. To achieve this noble goal, we have invented a revolutionary laundry detergent product line that does just that.


  • 5X Ultra Concentrated products and biodegradable using sugar-based surfactants
  • Contains a super blend of 6 bio-enzymes to remove tough stains
  • Softens fabrics and keeps your clothes fresh without fragrance
  • Safe on all fabrics, colors & whites
  • Free of dyes, optical brighteners, phosphates and dioxane, lauryl sulfates, laureth sulfates, parabens, and formaldehyde
  • Could be used as a Pre-Soak or as a standalone detergent
  • Specially packaged in a 40 fl. oz bottle for easy storage & handling
  • Designed for hand wash, standard and high efficiency machines
  • Enhanced energy and water efficiency with cold or warm water washing
  • Safe for septic systems and greywater


Follow apparel care instructions. For tough stains pretreat by pouring the clear & powerful liquid laundry detergent directly onto fabric, rub gently and soak for  1 hour or overnight if the stains are big. Use Dispenser for HE washers. For Standard washers, start washer, add detergent to water, then add clothes.

Based on our testing, the following dosages will guide you to determine the correct amount needed per load. Customers are free to try more or less of the recommended amounts to fit their lifestyle.

Washing Type

Small & Medium Loads

Heavy Soiled Loads

Fill Line

High Efficiency Machine (HE)

0.4 fl oz

1 fl oz

1 (0.4 fl oz)/ 2 (0.75 fl oz)

Regular Machine

0.75 fl oz

1.5 fl oz

3 (1 fl oz) / 4 (1.5 fl oz)

Hand Wash

0.75 fl oz

1.5 fl oz

Brimful (1.8 fl oz)




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I recommend this product
Excellent customer service!

Outstanding. Will only use this product from now on. Best product I’ve ever used. Highly recommended!

Trent J.
United States United States

Hello Trent, Thank you very much for feedback. Have a great day

I recommend this product
Love this product!

Great detergent.

Isilma Z.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Just the thing for those sensitive to scents.

This cleans very well and it's the kind of detergent that my son loves. He doesn't like scented things as they bother his allergies.

Gloria C.
United States United States

Hello Gloria, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with others. Happy Thanksgiving

I recommend this product
Great product

Really good product and safe

Zhanna K.
United States United States

Hello Zhanna, Thank you for sharing your experience with Clear & Powerful.

I recommend this product

I love it! It works great! Only need to use a little and it goes a long way. Does a good job of getting clothes clean and smelling fresh. Will definitely buy again.

Donna E.
United States United States

Hi Dona, Thank you for sharing your experience.