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Mambo Man Laundry Detergent


Our Mambo Man liquid laundry detergent formulation is crafted specifically for men with an adventures mind to deliver a long-lasting masculine fragrance on all your apparel. Indulge yourself with a classic and sophisticated fresh scent infused with lime, lavender, bergamot and verbena, with a hint of orange blossom, cinnamon and lily of the valley as middle notes, rounded with cedar, sandalwood, patchouli and musk as base notes.


  • 5X Ultra Concentrated Products
  • Biodegradable using sugar-based surfactants
  • Safe on all fabrics, colors & whites
  • Free of dyes, optical brighteners, phosphates and dioxane
  • Delivers a long-lasting scent and eliminates body odors
  • To achieve a long-lasting scent there is no need for
    • Scent boosters
    • Fabric softeners
    • Dryer sheets
  • Specially packaged in a 40 fl oz bottle for easy storage & handling
  • Designed for hand wash, standard and high efficiency machines
  • Enhanced energy and water efficiency with cold water washing
  • Helps in softening fabrics and reduce wrinkles
  • Safe to use with chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach 


Follow apparel care instructions. For tough stains pretreat by pouring the Mambo Man liquid laundry detergent directly onto fabric, rub gently and soak for  1 hour or overnight if necessary. Use Dispenser for HE washers. For Standard washers, start washer, add detergent to water, then add clothes.

Based on our testing, the following dosages will guide you to determine the correct amount needed per load. Customers are free to try more or less of the recommended amounts to fit their lifestyle.

Washing Type

Small & Medium Loads

Heavy Soiled Loads

Fill Line

High Efficiency Machine (HE)

0.75 fl oz

1.5 fl oz

1 (0.4 fl oz)/ 2 (0.75 fl oz)

Regular Machine

1.5 fl oz

2 fl oz

3 (1 fl oz) / 4 (1.5 fl oz)

Hand Wash

2 fl oz

3 fl oz

Brimful (1.8 fl oz)




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Hiketron Mambo Man Laundry Detergent Review
I recommend this product
My new detergent

I am extremely picky when it comes to detergent. I have tried most every kind you can imagine, including other high-end brands, and I am never completely satisfied and will either stop using the detergent, return it, or give it away, and then my search continues. Since I’ve been using Mambo Man, for over a month now, I know I have found the ONE. This detergent leaves our clothes smelling so fresh and delicious. The stain-fighting power is excellent, and it’s safe! I like it so much, I bought the Royal Linen fragrance off of Amazon and use that on our bedding and towels. Back to Mambo Man: while it is a more masculine scent in the bottle, when your clothes come out of the dryer, it leaves a wonderful unisex smell. My husband has people who tell him all the time that he smells amazing; our 13-year-old son’s friends tell him he smells good; my co-workers always compliment me, so, I have told lots of people about Mambo Man. I do still need to use a dryer sheet, otherwise our clothes have too much static, hence my near perfect rating, but I will continue to use this detergent. I really like this company and what it stands for, plus the samples they included in my order were a nice touch.

Dorian S.
United States United States

Hello Dorian, We love your review, the details and your passion. Nothing is wrong with being picky, we are very picky too. We try to mitigate all the problems in the laundry room with one product but it is not going to be perfect but close enough. My suggestion is to use drier balls. The Good news is that we are working on a new conditioner that will eliminate this in the future. Another suggestion is to use our clear and powerful as a pre wash (The Enzymes will naturally soften your fabrics even more. Please try that and let us know. Use about a table spoon only in the prewash

I recommend this product

Smells like a sexy man and lasts on clothes for a long time! Love!

Shannon K.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Favorite Scent

While I love the fresh cotton scent for my towels and linens - Mambo Man is Number 1! It is hilarious how many people ask my husband what cologne he wears. From employees to the guy who came to assess a tree. He now refers to it as his “signature scent.” Gave a bottle to my best friend and he’s hooked too. Not overpowering - just really really good. You SHOULD do it in a cologne. A candle .... the possibilities are endless! ❤️

Amy W.
United States United States

Hello Amy, We are working on so many products based on feedback from customers just like you. Thank you for your support

I recommend this product
Heavenly detergent!

Love love love! I honestly am addicted! The scent stays on you All Day! I get complimented daily on my perfume and its the detergent! Delivery is crazy fast! Customer service is truly amazing , i barely have time to order and its on my door step! Crazy! Thank you !

Kathy M.
United States United States

Hello Kathy, Loved your review, short but summed up what we stand for. Best products, best customer service, fast shipping? Everyone should ditch their detergents and buy Hiketron! Love it, love it

I recommend this product
Great scent, outrageous price

Love the scent. It is what keeps me buying. Performance is good. Price is outrageous. I don’t recommend it to anyone. It’s embarrassing that I pay this much for laundry detergent.

Constance P.
United States United States

Hello Constance, Thank you for your feedback and I'm sorry you feel that way. If you truly want to understand the value of our product, I will be happy to explain that to you. Just call us. Value vs price? If you can buy a Tesla for the price of a chevy at that point I can agree with you. We try hard to lower our prices. We all want to buy a Lamborghini at a price of Hyundai !!! Unfortunately that's not how it works. Our detergents are 5X detergent with premium natural ingredients that eliminates the need for softeners, dryer sheets, scent boosters. Cleans your washing machine without leaving residue and I can go on and on. There is a customer just like who actually summarized the cost savings our products offer perfectly. His review is under Mambo man here is why Hiketron products are a superior choice as the detergent in your laundry at it's current price and size. 1) You use far less liquid and will likely be more mindful of how much you are using. 2) You'll end up with fresh, clean clothes/linens with well crafted scents that actually last and have what I can only describe as a long duration "fade" time over the first week after washing+drying your clothes and in most cases, fresh smelling clothes that are not overpowering as if you just sprayed Axe body spray all over yourself but subtle yet potent enough to make you smile and receive compliments days after by anyone who catches the scent including yourself (if you value that or enjoy receiving compliments and knowing that you smell delightful or... "Manly" which is what a few of these Hiketron scented products are geared towards (depending on your scent choice). 3) You basically never have to use hot or medium temperature water, unless you absolutely have it decided in your head that you need to use those settings for one reason or another. With Hiketron my family uses cold water at least 90% of the time and although we really don't need to use any other temperature setting, we use hot for specific washes like our pet materials or at times our towels when we have used them on our pets or to clean around the house. 4) You absolutely don't need to waste your money on liquid fabric softener. 5) You absolutely don't need to waste your money on insanely chemical & likely toxic "scent boosters" 6) You absolutely don't need to waste your money on dryer sheets or antistatic sheets for your dryer. We never buy these anymore nor liquid softener nor bleach etc... How do we prevent static issues? Simple really, spend a few bucks on wool balls and toss them into the dryer with every load and as long as you aren't trying to sanitize your clothes every time you dry laundry by using any dryer temperature above medium, your clothes will be clean, smelling as I described above and static free. Simple as that. Get the sampler, wash your clothes properly/optimally and save yourself and/or family money while you are cutting down on consumable & energy waste via 1 laundry product that walks the walk and can talk the talk.